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How to Create a Website

The first step in how to create web site is choosing a catchy domain name. In the old days it was super important to try to include a keyword or search term in your domain name. An example would be or Site Build It which are about how to create websites and include the word “site.”

Nowadays it is not such a big deal as it used to be. It may be more important now to “brand” your domain name by using something memorable.  But if you can get a short domain name that includes one of your keywords that is still good. Keywords are simply the kinds of words people will look for when they search for your topic on a search engine.

Once you choose a name to create your website you try to register it. I say try because someone else may have already registered the name you want. The most popular registrar at this time is, which came out with lower prices and quickly grew to include more than 12 million domain names under management.

There are many extensions available, such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .name, etc. My advice is to try to get a .com domain name extension if you can. Most people will type in .com just from habit so if you have a .net name and your competitor has a dot com name, your customer might end up on their site instead of yours.

Once you have chosen and successfully registered your domain name you will want to get a web hosting account. You will soon learn how to create a web site but first you need someplace to host your site. Think of this as renting a space online for your business. One web host we have had good luck with is Hostgator. They have proven to be reliable and affordable. This site you are visiting is hosted with them so that tells you something.

Once you have a hosting account you will need to know where to upload your files. These files are what your site will be made from. You will also learn about domain servers. These connect your domain name and your IP address. Think of this as the address of your business on the Internet. When people type your domain name into their browser, the domain leads them to your IP address and they see your website displayed.

Once you have found out what your DNS is for your server, you want to go to your domain name company and change the listing so your domain name points to your site address and not the “coming soon” page of the registrar.

If you are using Hostgator you will see two servers that look something like this.


Secondary Name Server: NS2.WEBSITEWELCOME.COM

Write those down or print them out. Then go to your registrar, such as, and log in. You’ll find the area where you change the name servers. Simply put these into the form as instructed. It may take until the next day until this change is reflected online.

How to Create Web Site – Part 2

Okay you are ready to create a web site. There are many different ways to create sites. Some people use wyswyg programs. These letters are short for “what you see is what you get.” This kind of program lets you see what the pages will look like as you are building them on your computer. Some examples of these kinds of programs are Dreamweaver, Frontpage,  Site Build It and XsitePro. Another option is to use the site builder that often comes along with your hosting account. These are not fancy but some people like to use them as a starting point. Another popular program is Site Build It which is easy for newbies to learn and includes a lot of useful tools to help you turn your site into a moneymaking business.

Note: Some highly experienced webmasters laugh at SiteBuildIt and say it is simple, but I tested it just for fun and built a website that is making thousands of dollars for me while I’m off doing other things. It is doing great and it was easy to build. Good for beginners.

Now you will upload your actual website pages to your host. You will either use an FTP program such as or FileZilla, or you may have a program that has built-in FTP such as or FrontPage 2003 or Site Build It.

The letters in FTP simply stand for file transfer protocol. You are transferring your website files from your computer to the computer of the webhost. Important, when asked for the address of your hosts FTP server please note that it is usually the name of your website with the letters FTP added on the front. It would look like this if your website was named The folder where your files are going is usually called public_html.